Serving Landlords

A Landlord with a small portfolio of properties managed by our Romford team, decided to sell one of the properties and marketed it through a local estate agent. The Landlord did not want to ask the tenants to leave their home and decide to offer the property for sale with the tenants still there, despite knowing it would reduce the value of the property. Within a few months the Landlord become frustrated when several local estate agents failed to find them a buyer. Through the strong relationships we hold with our clients we knew we had a number of Landlords that may potentially be interested in purchasing the property. We got to work immediately, ringing our Landlords to see if we could drum up some interest. Within a couple of weeks we had terms agreed leading to a sale.

As a direct result of having an exceptional knowledge and a great understanding of our clients and their requirements we ended up with two very happy Landlords. In addition, the tenants were delighted as they were able to remain in their home with no disruption. A good result for all concerned.

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