Recovery from rising damp

One of the cottages we manage in the Barnes area was experiencing problems with rising damp in the lounge/dining room. With the tenants still in occupation and with a problem that clearly could not be left, we knew something had to be done. We were faced with the difficult task of removing the plaster on the walls to a level of 1.2meters. Additionally, the works involved included lifting the flooring, re-lining the walls and floor, re-plastering, laying new flooring and fully redecorating the ground floor. To make things more challenging, we needed to consider two cats and a grand piano.

The entire project was managed by HML. The first hurdle was to accommodate the tenants by helping with the relocation costs for a two week period, whilst the work was being carried out. We also needed to deal with the storage of the tenants’ belongings and ensure their beloved grand piano was protected.

Our landlord client was not local and so as part of the overall project management, we made regular visits to the property. It was vitally important to ensure the works being undertaken matched the original specification. With the tenants in temporary accommodation it was equally important to make sure the works did not exceed the agreed timescale so as not to inconvenience the tenants further.

At the end of the project, the tenants returned to their property. The tenants’ possessions were also returned, as were the cats and the prized grand piano. On a positive note, the only thing that fortunately hadn’t returned to the property was the damp. Overall, the project was a success for all concerned.

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